M. Dickson writes jokes. Sometimes she tells them on stage. Sometimes she types ’em up and sells them to big old television companies and once she put them down in a book that Wyatt-MacKenzie published and Lewis Black called “a must read“.

“M Dickson wowed the audience with her laugh-out-loud, fast draw delivery. She produced one of the most polished sets we’ve seen in recent memory.” -Stage Time Magazine

Currently a co-executive producer on Matt Groening’s newest Netflix project, M has been seen on MTV, Last Comic Standing, US Weekly’s Hot Stuff and WE TV.  Previous writing credits include hit shows for NBC, TV Land, CMT. When not headlining colleges or performing at clubs, she has been found opening sold out theater shows for notable acts like Kathleen Madigan or running around the world with Atlantis Events.

She wants to talk to you about 90’s sitcoms, Jim Henson movies, West Wing & country music.